MaP Testing

Flushometer Toilet Database-Updated April 2019

Flushometer toilets are installed primarily in non-residential applications, although they are used in some multi-residential buildings in New York City and elsewhere. They consist of a bowl and a flushometer valve and, unlike residential tank-type toilet, no water is stored in the fixture. Flushing performance is optimized when a high-performance bowl is matched with a high- performance valve, regardless of the make and model of these two components.

Our database provides MaP scores for almost 600 flushometer valve/bowl combinations and identifies WaterSense certified combinations. The brand and model numbers for both the bowl and valve are shown in the database.

Note the following abbreviated terms:

ADA – Meets bowl height requirements of Americans with Disabilities Act; does NOT imply that the fixture meets any other  ADA requirements.

BPL – Bowl with bed-pan lugs

RF – Round-front toilet bowl

EL – Elongated-front bowl

GPF – Gallons per flush

LPF – Litres per flush

Download the database at:

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