MaP Testing


Some fixtures are “high performance”.
Some fixtures are “high efficiency”.

Last Updated: June 20, 2024

ALL_MaP_PREMIUM-HETs provide superior and efficiency for residential or light commercial applications where water discharged from other fixtures, appliances, or processes, etc., near the toilet fixture can help transport waste through the drain pipes.
Qualifying tank-type  residential/light commercial toilet fixtures must:

  • Be certified to WaterSense®
  • Have an effective flush volume no more than 4.0 litres (1.10 gallons*) – 14% BELOW the current WaterSense® requirement! (With special unique requirements for dual-flush models)
  • Have a MaP flush performance score of at least 600 grams – 170% of the current WaterSense® requirement!
  • WaterSense allows 1.6 gallon (6.0 litre) flushing toilets – MaP PREMIUM sets the maximum flush volume at 1.28 gallons (4.8 litres)


*MaP PREMIUM recognizes that 1.10 gallons is slightly greater than 4.0 litres, however, it is our professional opinion that this difference is not materially significant.8

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