MaP Conditions

Maximum Performance (MaP) Testing of Popular Toilet Fixture Models
Terms and Conditions
Revised: February 8, 2021

MaP testing and fixture listing is subject to the following terms and conditions:

(1)  Any laboratory may perform Maximum Performance (MaP) testing.  However, only MaP test data from MaP-approved pre-qualified laboratories, as determined by Gauley and Koeller, will be included in the official MaP database and Test Report information posted online at for use by consumers, design professionals, and others.  Parties (such as: manufacturers, distributors, retailers, architects, engineers, others) interested in having test results included in the online MaP database should contact either Gauley or Koeller before testing to verify which laboratories qualify.  Gauley and Koeller will NOT accept test reports from laboratories that have not been pre-qualified or that do not contain all required data.

NOTE:  Not all laboratories officially “recognized” by IAPMO or other Certification Bodies are pre-qualified to perform MaP testing.  Nor are all laboratories pre-qualified to perform MaP testing for listing purposes also “recognized” by IAPMO.  A complete list of approved laboratories may be found HERE.

(2) A toilet fixture may be submitted for MaP testing by a manufacturer, water utility, municipality, or any other organization or individual (applicants).  However, MaP Testing reserves the right to refuse to list tank-type toilet fixtures that are submitted by any manufacturer other than the manufacturer that produced the toilet sample.

(3) Applicants must supply one randomly selected, non-pre-tested sample of each toilet model to the chosen pre-qualified laboratory. For two-piece close-coupled models, where a single bowl or tank is used on multiple combinations, only one sample of the bowl or tank needs to be submitted.

(4) For each model submitted for testing, applicant shall provide the following information in the approved MaP written format separate from information that might be shown on the shipping carton, fixture packaging, or fixture itself.

  1. The model numbers of the bowl and the tank for 2-piece toilets OR the model number of the complete unit for 1-piece toilets as they are to be shown in the online MaP database and reports.  For 2-piece toilets, a combination model number may also be provided at the option of the applicant.
  2. Where a combination or an individual bowl or tank bears more than one model number, the manufacturer shall provide all of the numbers that are to be listed in the database.
  3. The model name(s) (if any) for the fixture combination as it is to be shown in the online database.  Applicant agrees that if a model name is not provided, the listing will show the model name as “None”.
  4. Optional and when available, retailer SKU numbers.  (Note that some retailers assign the same SKU to different toilet models.)  If the applicant provides SKUs, they will be included in the database.
  5. For pressure- or power-assisted fixtures, the make (manufacturer, brand name) and model number of flushing system used in the fixture.
  6. For flushometer valve/bowl combinations, the make (manufacturer, brand name) and full model number of both the flushometer valve and the bowl.  In many cases, two different companies will have manufactured the flushometer valve and the bowl.  In such cases, the listing that appears in the MaP online report for flushometer toilets will list the manufacturer applicant’s name first and the second manufacturer as secondary.
  7. Where a manufacturer has assigned a combination model number to a valve/bowl combination, that number may be provided at the option of the manufacturer.  In such cases, the combination number will be included in the online database for flushometer toilets.

(5) MaP Testing shall be conducted in accordance with the MaP Toilet Fixture Performance Testing Protocol, Version 7, April 2018

(6) It is the applicant’s responsibility to assure that the MaP Test Report for each model is: (a) delivered to MaP Testing (Gauley and Koeller) on a timely basis and (b) correct and complete, i.e.,  that all physical characteristics and model number data shown on the Test Report are provided and are correct.

(7) MaP Test Reports generated by pre-qualified testing laboratories must be provided to MaP Testing by either the testing laboratory or an authorized representative of the manufacturer.  Laboratory reports must be formatted in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF (i.e., an original PDF file and NOT a PDF file created via photocopying or scanning).  PDF files must be unprotected such that MaP Testing may add its own unique MaP Test Report number.  MaP Testing will receive and catalog the Test Report, assign the unique MaP Test Report number, and enter the data contained in the report into the MaP program database.

(8) The applicant may decline to have the MaP Test Report data included in the online MaP database and report if it so chooses.  The decision to decline, however, MUST BE MADE within 14 calendar days of the date shown on the report, i.e., before the MaP Test Report data is entered into the MaP database.

(9) The applicant may review the online listing and identify, if any, corrections or other changes (physical dimensions, model names, model numbers, etc.) that need to be made to that online listing.

a.   Data entry errors made by MaP Testing will be corrected by MaP Testing without charge.
b.   When changes to the online listing are necessitated by an incorrect MaP Test Report or other changes or additions to the model information initiated by the manufacturer, a fee of up to $100 per listing (line item) may be charged.  The applicant will be responsible for obtaining a corrected MaP Test Report from the testing laboratory as applicable.

(10) During the period of the MaP listing, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to inform MaP Testing if physical changes have been made to a MaP-listed toilet model (e.g., change in production molds, change in trim components, including fill valves, flappers, flush valves, or other components that would affect flush performance).  MaP Testing will determine if the change is significant enough to require re-testing of the fixture.  Regular charges may apply for all product re-tests.


 (11) The fees for MaP listing are as follows:
One-time listing fee for original (new) listings – first model (single listing):            US$240 for a 4-year listing period
Listing fee – second and subsequent duplicate listings based upon the same MaP Test Report, including private label listings:            US$120 for 4-year listing period
Renewal listing fee – per listing when renewed in accordance with pagagraph (14) below:      US$150 for an additional 4-year period
Listing fee for MaP PREMIUM rated toilets – US$100 per fixture in addition to the fees cited above.

Map Testing reserves the right to request applicable fees to be paid in advance of online listing.

Fees are payable by check or electronic funds transfer (EFT) to “MaP Testing”.  For EFTs, contact John Koeller for the necessary information. MaP does not accept credit card payments.

(12) The fees above apply whether the duplicate listing is requested at the same time as the original listing OR is requested later.  Multiple listings can be later added to the database at any time during the 4-year listing period (see Item 14 below), but such added listings will expire at the same time as the original listing of the toilet model.


(13) MaP Testing has implemented an ongoing Audit Process and reserves the right to verify the performance of previously tested toilet models to ascertain if the marketplace model is identical to the originally tested model.  This is accomplished by obtaining one or more randomly selected samples of the model from a supplier of choice (usually a retail outlet) and testing that sample.  In the event that the performance of the new sample varies significantly from that of the previously tested sample, MaP Testing will notify the manufacturer and request an explanation for the variance.  Additional fixtures may be selected for additional testing.  If, after consultation with the manufacturer as described HERE, MaP Testing determines the fixture being sold at retail or wholesale is different than the originally tested model, the line item entry for that model may be removed from the MaP database and all online postings of MaP data. In the event a product must be de-listed, no refund of listing fees will be made by MaP Testing.


(14) Listings in the online MaP database are valid for a period of four (4) years.  After four years, toilet models will be removed from the MaP database unless:

(a) the manufacturer submits a contemporary sample to a pre-qualified laboratory and pays for re-testing OR
(b) the manufacturer verifies to MaP Testing’s satisfaction that no physical changes have been made to the toilet model itself or to the trim components used.

Where model re-testing is not completed, a re-listing (listing “renewal”) fee of US$150 per line item listing will apply.  (Renewed listings are valid for an additional 4 years.) The original testing and listing applicant (usually the manufacturer) will be given ample notice of a pending de-listing, including the expected expiration date and delisting date.  This notice will sent to the applicant a minimum of 30 days prior to such dates.  In the event a manufacture delays in completing either option (a) or (b) above, the cost to re-list a model after it has been removed (i.e., after 30 days) from the MaP database is US$240.  MaP Testing will make every reasonable effort to accommodate manufacturers’ internal approval processes so that continuity is maintained and the higher fee is not incurred.


(15) NOTE:  By submitting a MaP Test Report to MaP Testing (Gauley and Koeller) and requesting the performance results to be officially ‘listed’ on the MaP website, a manufacturer agrees to the above conditions and certifies that it is abiding by the requirements.

(16) For information or questions regarding the above terms, contact the following individuals:

John Koeller, Koeller and Company

Bill Gauley, Gauley Associates