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Flush waste, not water

Look at this picture. Can YOU tell which toilet works best?

The truth is that no one can tell how well a toilet flushes just by looks or cost. The best independent and objective way to measure flush performance is the MaP – or Maximum Performance – test. Check out this video of a side-by-side comparison of two certified toilets. one is a poor flusher and the other does the job with room to spare. See if you guess right.

Recent additions of test results to our commercial flushometer toilet database brings the total to over 330 fixture combinations (valve and bowl). Almost 200 of these combinations are HIGH-EFFICIENCY…..flushing at 1.28 gallons (4.8 litres) or less! Go here to view and download the list.

Attention Manufacturers! New box-ready labels available

Our new carton-ready labels are downloadable for print. Contact John Koeller for the appropriate label.

Who are the leaders in the plumbing fixture marketplace?

MaP reports on flush performance cover products from nearly 100 manufacturers and brands.  But, the majority of the marketplace is covered by just a dozen ‘big hitters’ that deliver 95% of the products. For a graphical display of the market shares, go here.

Are there too many 'green' guidelines, codes, and standards today?

Report: Evaluation of Water Use Reduction Achieved Through Residential Toilet Fixture Replacements, download PDF

Do the toilet fixtures perform to our expectations?
Water savings from high-efficiency toilets flushing at only 3 litres....0.8 gallons

See this report, download PDF

Is MaP reliable? We check products on the retail shelf!

We audit and test toilets sold through retail channels to make sure that the fixtures you purchase actually perform to the MaP score shown. Our methodology

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