MaP Testing

It’s the flush that counts

ATTENTION! Homeowners, Plumbers, Designers and Contractors
Use MaP to find a new toilet that gets the job done IN ONE FLUSH.

Looking for a new toilet that’s up to the task? One that can do its job in a single flush?

We compare 1800 toilet models from 100 different brands. The Maximum Performance – MaP

 — test is a better way to measure how well a toilet works in the one area that really counts: FLUSH PERFORMANCE! No “double-flushing,” no water waste, no messing around.

MaP takes the confusion out of finding the best toilet, whether you’re shopping for your home, helping a client or customer find the right fixtures, or looking to stock the best-performing equipment for your customers.

We invite you to discover MaP for yourself. It’s easy to use and its FREE AND UNBIASED! Simply visit and find flush performance test results – MaP scores — for both tank-type and commercial flushometer models.

With the MaP scoreyou’ll know how much waste a toilet model can flush before you buy it. Our site is updated more than 20 times each year and you can use our â€œsearch” tool to filter results or you can download entire testing lists, including:

  • High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs) for compliance with new requirements in California, Texas,
    Georgia and New York City.
  • WaterSense-certified models.
  • Models that comply with new “green” code requirements and help meet your LEED pre-requisite.
  • Flushometer valve/bowl combinations for commercial use.
  • EcoEnergy and UNAR-compliant toilet models.
  • MaP is an INDEPENDENT TEST… NOT influenced by manufacturers or other special interests.
  • 100 different brands represented – 1,800 different toilet models.
  • And, a bonus, High-Efficiency Urinals (HEUs)…including all the latest Watersense models!

We developed MaP testing to offer an independent and honest measurement of a toilet’s true flush performance. Since our public database was first posted in 2003, we have been endorsed by  consumer groups, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and green publications.  The U.S. EPA, through its WaterSense product efficiency program, adapted the MaP test for the toilets it approves for labeling.

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