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October 25, 2013
Visit our new site!

The new MaP Testing site includes more searchable toilets than ever before, an easy-to-use interface, and enhanced reports search functionality!

Learn more with our video

With water rates beginning to soar, efficiency is at the forefront of comsumers’ minds. MaP-Testing helps people maximize efficiency without sacrificing flush performance! 

View our video and learn more benefits of MaP Testing!

Easier to navigate, with all the same features

The all new is homeowner-friendly with additional tips and an easy-to-use interface!

All-new reports page!

We’ve also updated the reports page to make it easier for design professionals and consumers to sort by report type. Currently there are over 100 different documents  across 15 water-efficiency categories!  AND, our reports search tool scans INSIDE of all documents for the terms, words, or topics you are looking for!

Same great TOILET SEARCH functionality

MaP-Testing is proud of it’s dedicated search functionality to help design professionals and homeowners find the right toilet, fast! Now with 2,705 MaP-Tested toilet models to choose from, accurate search functionality is even more critical!

No “Wipes in the Pipes” Campaign

St. Cloud, MN just kicked off a campaign! Touted as disposable, even flushable, the public works managers of St. Cloud, MN realize that wipes in the pipes has become “more and more of a problem.”

To learn more about the St. Cloud campaign, click here.

Also, check our LinkedIn discussion forum on the topic of so-called ‘flushables’ and what they are doing to our drainlines, sewers, and wastewater treatment plants.  To view over 25 postings and more reports and articles on this very current and disturbing topic, click here.

Commercial Restroom Habits – two special reports!!

(1) The annual Bradley Corporation ‘Handwashing Survey’ is actually about much more than that!  How do men and women differ in handwashing? How do most people flush a commercial toilet…with their foot or their hand? How do people practice personal hygiene? Do they actually wash their hands? Click here to read the 2013 survey report.

(2) IAPMO also publishes the results of another survey on trends in bathroom practices.  Click here to read the article in OFFICIAL magazine.


16,000 toilet searches per month on the MaP website!

With over 2,700 different MaP-tested tank-type toilet models to choose from, the average person searches four times to find the right toilet!  1,805 of these models are certified the U.S. EPA’s rigorous WaterSense® specification.  For each model, the important flush performance scores and other physical characteristics are available to you free-of-charge.  Click here.

On the commercial side, over 440 different flushometer valve/bowl combinations have been fully MaP-tested and reported.  Click here.

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