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Some products are high-performance.

Some are high-efficiency. And some are BOTH!

Admit it….no one wants to sacrifice performance to achieve a high level of efficiency!

Fortunately, with the launch of MaP PREMIUM-rated plumbing products, you won’t have to. The MaP PREMIUM label identifies those rare products that offer both superior performance AND superior efficiency!

For example, all MaP PREMIUM-rated toilet fixtures are certified to the rigorous U.S. EPA WaterSense specification.

PREMIUM-rated toilets ALSO:

· Deliver a MaP rating of at least 600 grams – 70% more flush performance than the current WaterSense requirement!

· Flush with no more than 4.0 liters (1.06 gallons) – that’s 17% less water than the current WaterSense requirement!

Simplify your search for high performance, high efficiency plumbing products – look for MaP PREMIUM-rated products.

Click here to download the list of PREMIUM toilet fixtures, which includes the model names and numbers and design characteristics.

Click here for more information.

A ROYAL FLUSH BEATS A ‘FULL HOUSE’ EVERY TIME!! Don’t just buy that toilet because it ‘looks good’ or is cheap . . . check out MaP Testing for the “ROYAL FLUSHERS!”

– 2,350 different tank-type toilet models tested for performance and listed – 100 different brands – 1,450 WaterSense qualified toilet models!

– 370 different flushometer valve toilet combinations tested for performance and listed.

– 250 high-efficiency urinals – 140 WaterSense qualified models!

Checking Consumer Reports Magazine for rated toilets? The September 2012 issue of this fine magazine rated 26 different toilet models (Note that MaP rates over 2,000 toilet models from 80 manufacturers…and you don’t have to pay for a magazine to get those ratings!!).

We researched the MaP scores on 24 of those models. You can download our one-page listing (in alphabetical order) and see how each performed on the MaP test.

To view Consumer Reports ranking order or their specific ratings, you’ll need to either purchase the magazine or visit their website.

MaP Testing helps the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

According to the foundation, “About 2.5 billion people use unsafe toilets or defecate in the open.” MaP Testing is now helping with sanitation and enhancing human dignity by providing synthetic feces for testing.

“MaP’s synthetic material helps demonstrate what the equipment can do, without having the real stuff around.”

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