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March 2013
MaP in its 10th Year!

Just what is MaP, anyway???  Maximum Performance (MaP) Testing originated in 2003 with a industry-changing report on toilet fixture flush performance.  Since then, products from the plumbing industry have improved dramatically and, today, over 80 manufacturers and 100 brands of plumbing products are a part of the growing MaP program.  These manufacturers submit their products for testing to one of 7 independent and MaP-approved laboratories in North America and Asia.  MaP takes the test results (good or bad) and reports them on  

A special thank you goes to the 22 water utility interests in the U.S. and Canada that sponsored the original development of the MaP testing protocol.

Latest postings of performance results!

…including the latest WaterSense-qualified toilets and urinals!

• 2,500 different tank-type toilets from 100 brands – all tested and listed…..Over 1,600 qualified to the U.S. EPA WaterSense specification!

• 250 different high-efficiency urinals listed – from 25 different brands…..150+ are flushing urinals qualified to the WaterSense specification!

• 71 different urinal flushometer valves certified to the WaterSense specification.

Go now to our DOWNLOADS page for complete lists OR use our SEARCH tool.

MaP PREMIUM is a HIT with water utility rebate programs!

The MaP PREMIUM label identifies those rare WaterSense tank-type toilets that go the ‘extra mile’ and offer both superior performance AND superior efficiency!

PREMIUM list updated for March 2013….go here for more information.

Watersmart Innovations coming – Oct 2-4!

Professionals and other experts working in the field of water efficiency are invited to the 6th Annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition, slated for October 2-4, 2013, in Las Vegas.  

Network and learn from hundreds of experienced pro’s….join with engineers, scientists, researchers, government employees, public and private institutions, policy makers, consultants and others working in the field of water efficiency.  This is the ONLY venue in North America where you will find such a vault of information on the efficient use of water.

Children’s Toilets

Designing or equipping a day care center?  A preschool, kindergarten, or primary facility and need ‘child-sized’ water closets?  This listing includes both gravity-fed, tank-type toilets as well as bowls for flushometer applications.  Bowl heights range from 10 inches (254mm) to 14 inches (356mm).  

Go here to download the full listing

Dual-Flush Toilets… they really save water?

This controversial topic has generated a lot of discussion lately.  Go here for some recent studies 

Member of LinkedIn? If you are, then check this vigorous discussion of dual-flush

Commercial drainlines….PERC Ph 1 study report now available.

Check out the recently released PERC study of commercial drainlines, “Drainline Transport of Solid Waste in Buildings”. This study provides important insights into the performance of building drains and addresses opportunities for further research into this topic.  

For a number of other informative study reports and papers on drainline transport issues, go here

Canadian Water & Energy Efficiency Conference – 2013

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) and the Canadian National Water Efficiency Network (CNWEN) are pleased to present the Canadian Energy and Water Efficiency Conference. The Conference will be held October 16-18, 2013 at The Westin Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

The theme of the 2013 Conference is the nexus between water and energy.  Come and hear about the challenges and opportunities in the field of water efficiency.

Presentation abstracts are being accepted through April 30, so get on board!

Peter Gleick on toilets: He ‘runs the numbers’ and shows just how much can be saved!

Peter asks: what kind of savings might result from replacing old toilets with efficient ones?

So, he asks us to get our brains in gear and and play some numbers games.  Result: the quantities are astounding!  Read Peter’s eye-opening ‘back of the envelope’ analysis.

…and last, but not least

Toilet lid ‘up’ or ‘down’…… which is it for YOU?

Your spouse may be correct!  It’s time to give a second thought to the ‘lid issue’… this and you may decide to change your habits!

Once that lid is down, decorate it!    

Decorative Fountains – a new and dramatic perspective

Need a break from the ‘norm’?  Need to get away from your desk and hear what one person did with his fountain?  Listen to this VERY INTERESTING TALE about recycling water

International Emerging Technology Symposium …coming in 2014

The 2014 International Emerging Technology Symposium (ETS), to be held April 23-24, 2014, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va., will be the most comprehensive and informative plumbing and mechanical event since the ETS debuted in 2008.

Co-convened by these very respected technical and professional organizations: ASPE, CIPH, IAPMO, MCAA, PHCC-NA, PMI, UA, & WPC

This is one of the premier events that looks long into the future of water, water use, and water use efficiency.  Now is the time to mark your calendar!

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