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MaP-tested toilets reach an all-time high!

Over 2,000 tank-type toilets have been tested and listed for free download in our database Click here to search or download specifications and test results.

Another 338 flushometer valve toilets for commercial applications have also been MaP tested and listed.

U.S. EPA WaterSense High-Efficiency Toilets

List of WaterSense high-efficiency toilets [HET] reaches 1,135 models! Only 5 years after releasing the first specification for water-efficient products, WaterSense has achieved a remarkable threshold in the marketplace. Go HERE to search the most complete database of WaterSense-certified toilet fixtures OR to download the full listing of all 1,135 models from 85 brands!

281 High-Efficiency Urinals

New listing of 281 high-efficiency urinals [HEU] just posted, including all of the WaterSense-certified fixtures and flush valves. Go HERE for the full listing of….

  • 139 flushing HEU fixtures from 18 different manufacturers, of which 87 are labeled for WaterSense.
  • 40 WaterSense-certified HEU flushometer valves from 5 manufacturers
  • 42 non-water (waterless) urinals from 11 manufacturers

MaP completes first HET field audit

2011 saw the completion of MaP’s first field audit of MaP-tested WaterSense toilet fixtures. MaP purchased nine different toilet models (from nine different manufacturers) at retail and re-tested them to assess their continuing compliance with the rigorous requirements of WaterSense. All 9 were found to be fully compliant. Eight models retained their original MaP score, while one experienced a decline in that score, which has been reported to the manufacturer. For a full description of the audit process, go HERE.

New water savings report released

Water savings from high-efficiency toilets. Read study

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